What are your business or home IT needs?

As a company, TechTech has been dedicated to all things IT since 2014 and we do so much more than your every-day IT support company.

We can assist you with all your technical needs and we will always go above and beyond to ensure that all technical aspects of your office or home are inline and running smoothly.

From product sales, recommendations, installations and maintenance to cyber security and online storage solutions, TechTech does it all.

Need software or hardware installed, repaired and maintained? No problem!

Does your business need a fast and stable internet connection – whether you work from home or from the office – We do that too!

TechTech has a dynamic team who are ready to assist you with whatever you need. We even do Graphic Design and App Development.

Nobody does IT like TechTech.

Technology Solutions

Do you want the most efficient, cost-effective technology?

Use the power of digital to streamline your operations and enhance efficiency. Whether you need an Apple Mac or desktop or CCTV installation, we’ve got your back.

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Cloud Services

Do you need reliable online storage?

What is the cloud? Cloud 9? Where is it? Is that even safe? The next time you tell someone it’s on the cloud, you can say it with the confidence!

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Cyber Security

Do you need the best cyber security & online protection?

You just want your data safe, zero viruses and no hacking. And it can be that simple. Problem? Only solutions!

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Managed Service

Do you want to handover your IT services to someone reliable and efficient?

You can’t operate without digital or technology. But we get that you don’t have the time or the appetite for it. No stress. We can do remote monitoring and management – you won’t even know we’re there – or recover lost data, just about any IT-related service.

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Business Connectivity & Voice

Do you need a stable, fast internet connection?

You can’t operate a business without the internet. It’s 2021, for goodness sake. Let’s get you the best deals on connectivity – for internet, email and voice calls.

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Website & App Development

Do you need a website, or do you need to update your current site?

App Development

Do you need to attract Potential Clients in a more unique way? Did you have an excellent idea and need someone to develop it for you? We got you covered.

WEBSITES – Getting you out there

Websites are a means to an end. What would this end be? New business OBVIOUSLY. You know that if your website or service can’t be found on Google it’s going to be a tough day, week, month or year. Can you afford not to have a website?

If you’re not found on Google you don’t exist.


You have a unique solution that you know will make a difference. But how do you get new customers? How will people know about your great product or invention? This is where we come in. We bring in new leads for you to convert. We don’t just use one strategy. We use what works. Websites, Facebook, Google Ads, Funnel Tech and SEO.


You worked long hours and did hours and hours of research. You might even be unsure, but,  you are ready.  We specialize in helping entrepreneurs creating the best possible online sales experience for their customers.

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Graphic Design

Need a Graphic Designer or Illustrator?

No problem! Our in-house graphic designer can create just about anything you might need.

From your own custom BI icons and colourful website graphics to branding, CI and detailed Illustrated artworks.


Do you need some IT training?

So, you’re smart and want to be even smarter. We get you. We have specific courses on offer but are happy to adapt training to your specific needs.

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Document Automation

How to simplify your business administration?

Don’t worry about artificial intelligence (AI) taking over your business or work. Rather focus on the good stuff, what it can do for you; how it can make your business more efficient and save you time and money.

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Creative Technology On The Move

Get one of our dedicated and speedy IT technicians to assist you at your home or office with any tech issues you may have.

From hardware setup to software care, we got you covered.

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